10 Clever Things To Do When Buying A Suit.


Not all the cheap suits are bad. I call them cheap because they cost way lesser than a tailored or bespoke suit. Well also because they are all created cheaply and in mass quantity by machines, but that doesn’t still make them necessarily bad.

There are 10 simple things to note when purchasing a suit at a suit store, I have taken the honor of listing them below in this article.

  • Always wear your perfect dress shirt to the suit store.
  • Always try on both the jacket and its pants at the store.
  • Check the buttons to feel if they are securely attached and fit comfortably into the button holes.
  • Check if the jacket hangs evenly when buttoned.
  • Put your arms into the sleeves to check if they are fully lined all the way to the cuff.
  • Don’t be bullied into buying what you don’t want by the store attendant, make up your mind on what you need before entering the store.
  • Make sure the jacket and pants are not tight, if the drop doesn’t work for you, make sure you buy a suit an inch or two inches bigger than you and get it immediately tailored by your best friend – the Tailor.
  • Hug yourself and shout hallelujah with your jacket on. If you can’t, it means it’s too small.
  • Make sure the sleeves aren’t too long, the cuffs of your shirt must come out at least by 1 inch.
  • Expect most suit pants to come without being hem. When hemming by the tailor, tell him to make it a single or quarter break. Breaks are the gathers your trousers form when resting on your shoes.

It can be daunting buying a suit for the first time, but there’s no reason your choice won’t last you for years to come and work perfectly for a variety of situations if you closely follow my timeless rules.

Remember to always buy a suit that will go with the shirts and shoes you already own in your wardrobe. Click here for a detailed guide on how to buy a suit.

As I end always remember, that

“A good suit is like a painting “the shirt is the background, the suit is the frame, the tie is the thing that catches their attention; that thing you make them focus on, and your accessories are the brushes”.

If you feel these is too much for you or you just don’t have the time to procure the suit by yourself, you can send a quick email to admin@personageconsult.com. we will be glad not just to shop for you, but also help you build an amazing wardrobe.

Sartorially Yours

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