How To Quickly Tell The Difference Between A Suit Jacket, Blazer and Sport Coat


To a man who doesn’t know any better, they all seem alike. He probably thinks they all have the same function too and to even make things worse even the guys that sell these stuff doesn’t even know the difference.

You can choose to be different, you can know better.

Let me tell you what knowing the difference will do, it will:

  1. Save you money. Knowing the right jacket to buy will help you narrow down your spending by buying the right jacket that will spend the test of time.
  2. Make you show respect to others. Each of this jackets have different functions and level of formality. It will be rude to wear a sport coat to an event that requires a suit.

As it is my custom, this article will help you discern the difference between them in the simplest of terms using how they fit, their functions and their fabric type.




Basically a suit jacket is any jacket that is made with a matching pant (pair of trousers). Both will be made from the exact fabric and the buttons are mostly plastic buttons.


A suit jacket is made to fit slimmer. It is compulsory for it to fit to the body. It should be able to accommodate a slim sweater or a vest underneath.


The suit jacket is the most formal of all jackets. It majorly meant for dinners and cooperate functions and must be worn with formal shoes.


Most fabrics for suit jackets are lightweight, finer (smoother) and made with high quality materials. Common fabrics are super fine wool, linen and seersucker. The colors are most time solids colors like Navy blue, Black, Grey. However it is still possible to find pinstripe or check suits.






A blazer is a little less formal than the suit jacket. It is like a hybrid of both the suit jacket and the sport coat. Unlike the suit jacket the blazer doesn’t require a pair of match pants. They majorly have buttons made from gold, silver or pearls.


Blazers are designed to be loosely fitted. Unlike the suit jacket, they are less structured all round especially in the shoulder section.


They are majorly worn for occasions that are less formal but still require you to dress up like weekend parties, sporting events and even dates. Chinos and dark jeans are great items to pair with blazers. It still requires you to wear dress shoes such as loafers, oxfords and even derbies.


Fabrics used for making blazers are sometimes as light weighted and smooth as that of a suit jacket. Fabrics like worsted wool, serge, flannel, and cashmere are great choices for blazers. The major colors for blazers are navy blue, royal blue, and red.



By its name, this was a jacket that was originally created for the sporting man. They are jackets that commonly have patches at the elbow, ticket pockets (patch pockets) and even sometimes pleats.


They are designed to be loose so as to accommodate a sweater underneath and perhaps engage in slightly more rugged pursuits like horse racing etc. It is sometimes created with a lapel the can be completely closed up to protect the neck and chest.


It is the most casual of all the jackets discussed today. It should never be worn when a suit is required. It should be worn for casual functions. It is best paired with denims and chinos.


Fabric used for making sport coats are fabrics with a rugged feel. It was designed to look more rugged than a suit jacket and a blazer.  Any fabrics with rough texture can be used to make a sport coat. The most popular fabric includes tweeds such as hounds tooth and Donegal. Colors are usually shades of brown, green, grey and blue. It is also common to find them in checked patterns.


It is advisable not to always wear a suit jacket as a blazer or a sport coat because it may result in it being washed more than the trousers. This can cause a difference of color to develop between them.

It’s a wise idea to invest in a sport coat after you have invested in your first suit. A sport coat is more useful than a blazer because it’s moderately casual and can be worn for slightly dressy occasions.

You have any more tips, I would love to hear them, engage me in the comment section.

Sartorially Yours

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