Ultimate Style Guide For Short Men.

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A mentor once said to me jokingly; everyman is required to pay two taxes, the Federal Tax and State Tax but the not-so-tall men are compulsorily required to pay a third kind of tax… Short man taxes.  (aka the Tailor Tax).

This is true because everything a short man purchases has to be altered.

I came up with this article after extensively researching about styles for short men. This like every other article I have written is a simple guide as to how you can wear your existing wardrobe to make you look taller.

Advice #1- Make sure the colors in your outfits contrast dramatically.

In other to elongate your figure, make sure the contrast of your entire outfit doesn’t contrast powerfully but dramatically. It streamlines the entire look. Make sure you stay in the same color family. But if you want the colors to be different, make sure the contrasting colors stays on top to draw the eyes of your onlookers upwards.

Advice #2 – Attention to proportions in your outfits

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For Suits

  • Slimmer lapels- the advantage of slimmer lapels prevents your shoulders from looking wide. Notch lapels are your best options instead of peak lapels.
  • Slimmer Sleeves- the slimmer your sleeves, the longer your arms appear. The longer and leaner your arms appears, the longer you body will appear.
  • High Buttons- the positioning fo your buttons should be higher than the regular guys own. This is because it will help draw the eyes of your on lookers upwards. It also makes your legs appear longer and in turn adds height,
  • Shorter Jacckets- although the jackets should still cover your butt, it should be shorter than normal. This will show more leg which in turn gives the illusion of height.

For Shirts

  • Make sure it’s slim fitted through the chest.
  • When worn under a suit jacket/blazer, instead of the ½ to the ¾ inch of the shirt showing, because you are a shorter man, ¼ inch is ideal.

For Trousers

  • Make sure they are hemmed properly and when worn should have a ¼ break, whether for your dress pants, chinos or jeans. Break is the amount of fabric that covers the shoes.
  • Never sag, because they only make you look shorter. Make sure you dress pants, jeans and chinos need no belt to stay on your waist. (check out trouser rules)
  • Make sure the crotch of your pants/chinos/jeans is not dropped. It’s awful and doesn’t make you look endowed.

Advice #3- Accessorize Properly

Since God bless you with little height, you have to be special when accessorizing also. Make sure your ties are slimmer and your belts also.

Advice #4 – Footwears

This is an essentially part of dressing for men but much more important for shorter men. Your trouser and shoes must have the best relationship ever. It is necessary that your shoe color does not contrast heavily with your trousers. When wearing a black denim, try to avoid white sneakers. Black sneakers with a black denim is fantastic because it makes the look from your waist down continuous without breaking which it turn elongates your leg.

The trick is this when wearing a shoes with shorts, wear shoes that blends softly with your skin tone. Browns and tans are excellent choices. Make sure you wear pointed shoes, round or square toe shoes are bad choices.

Advice #5- Make the tailor your best friend.

          Sartorially Yours,

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