What No One Tells You About Mixing Patterns.


I have noticed that mixing patterns seems to be an epic style problem for men, another which is how to match colors. Instead of them mixing patterns, many prefer to just play it safe by sticking to pattern-less outfits.

Overtime I have had people ask me – is it ok to wear stripes on stripes? How can I mix two different prints together? If you ask this type of question often, then I think this article is for you.

Pulling off the pattern on pattern look may seem like a daunting task, but trust me, it can be done. Sure, you can’t go wrong by playing it safe, but can you settle knowing you haven’t peaked your style potential?

Apart from the fact that pattern-less outfits sometimes appear boring, experimenting with patterns introduces not only dimension but also sophistication to your overall look.

But how do we know which prints to mix and match and which ones to ditch?

I am going to reveal to you in five ways, guidelines that if duly observed can elevate your status from mixed up to mixed-master.


  1. SIZE MATTER 7b9211ac30ceb59d339b8ca8017c1d1c Avoid pairing two patterns of the same size. The contrast in size allows one to standout over the other.
  1. MAINTAIN THE SAME FAMILY OF COLOURS 9e80fc0d3f5d379ed650d77c166f1009
     If you are a fashion first timer, keeping you shirt and tie in the same colour family can influence your style. The different shades of the same colours dramatically contrast with each other causing cohesion.
  1. OPPOSITIES ATTRACT goddamn-pattern-mixing-style-men-jacket-tie-e1355254786847 I know I said we should keep it in the same family of colours. But if you are feeling confident in your pattern-pairing abilities, think outside the box by introducing complimentary colours. When complimentary colours are placed side by side, they intensify each other. Think blue and yellow.


  1. CREATE A FOCAL POINT:Gant-ties-men-style-fashion-blog-650x433 Give people something to stare at! Make one print noticeably larger than the other, in other to create interest.
  1. SOLID IS GOOD 266590e0f8078ced4aef109ff379f7d4 As a general rule of thumb, when pairing suit, shirt and tie, one of the three pieces should remain solid. Preferably use a solid neutral colour to anchor the entire outfit and keep the look from getting too busy.

You know any more tips, please feel free to share.

Sartorially Yours,

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