Style Portfolios

This is an in depth consultation that incorporates Body & Face Type Analysis, Colour Analysis and Style Definition.





This includes a full style analysis to determine best how to maximise your assets and to minimise perceived imperfections. During facial analysis we discuss and determine face shape and for body shape analysis we do an analysis of body proportion, figure challenges, figure assets etc.

At the end of this consultation, you will be fully aware of
a) How to measure your body type properly.
b) How to minimized certain perceived body imperfections by wearing the correct clothing.
c) The correct patterns to wear for your body type and proportion.




This is a Individual consultation to determine the colours that work most in harmony with your natural colouring (skin tone).
A full tonal colour analysis is performed using a Seasonal Colour Analysis System based on Hair Colour, Skin Colour and Eye Colour.

At the end of this consultation, you will be fully aware of
a) A full exposition on the most desirable colours for your skin tone.
b) How to use the colour wheel and its properties to incorporate colours into your dull outfits.




This is a consultation to help unearth your inbred style. Acquiring this knowledge, we help tailor your style to suit and reflect your personality, business, career  and lifestyle.

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