Ultimate Men’s Guide To Underwears.


Underwear, is it really that important?

This was a question that popped up during a discussion with a cherished pal of mine.

The answer is YES!!! It is absolutely very important. Just as significant and delicate the foundation of a twenty story building is, that’s how consequential our undergarments are.

They are the very soul of our outfits, the foundation on which every other garment is laid.

It is very wrong not to pay sincere attention to your undergarments, this is because they are useful for a whole lot of reasons.

  • They help to absorb excrements (body fluids).
  • They reduce friction between your manly parts and your trousers.
  • They regulate your body temperature if the right fabrics are used.
  • They support your genitals.

Men’s underwear/undergarments can be classified in two categories– underpants, which are worn below the waist and undershirts, worn above the waist.

In this article, we are only focused on the bottom layer on the lower half of your body – underpants. The most popular choices for underpants are briefs, boxers and boxer briefs (or trunks).

I believe with the right information, purchasing and wearing the right underwear is one of the easiest way to feeling comfortable in your clothes.


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The classic man underwear, are the most popular form of underpants in the world. They are easily distinguished because of their design that incorporates a band with a Y-shaped shaped front and about five inches of fabric covering everything from the upper thighs to the waist. They meant to be worn under a formal attire as they are not visible through fabric. They are also underpants of choice for men with smaller body frames who wear slim fitted jeans and slacks. They are my favorite because they stay in place and do not require much adjusting.



Inspired by their athletic namesakes, they are the loosest of all underpants because they do not have elasticized leg openings which extend down the thigh to varying degrees. They offer breathability and freedom with little support to the genitals. For those who do not like revealing underwear and wear loose fitting clothes, boxers are ideal for them. They are not good for physical exercises because of their loose nature which causes them to ride up and become quite uncomfortable. They are great choice for men who wear fuller cut attires.


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The hybrid of a boxer and a briefs. A senior friend of mine calls it the best of both worlds because it fits like a brief but also extends down the leg like a boxers. Lycra or Elastane is added to the fabric of the boxer-brief to incorporate an element of stretch. This helps maintain the underwear‘s shape and ensures they remain close-fitting. They are meant for large men with large thighs and can be worn under anything except small shorts.

Which is best is depends on what you need the underpants to do and how much you desire comfort. Briefs and Boxer-Briefs are generally made from cotton jerseys. Wool, silk and flannel are majorly used for Boxers.

Generally the colors for men underpants are white, black, grey and navy blue. Boxers and to some extent Boxer-Briefs have the extra advantage of coming in patterned and printed designs.

Finally let me end with these cautions. Let your underwear be an extension of you, your personal style and your character. If they are worn out please buy a new set.

Caveat: It is out rightly and plainly wrong to wear you undergarments thrice, most especially your underpants. If you do this, please stop because if they become visible they pass you up as dirty and irritating. They protect the most delicate part of your body which means you must always make sure they are clean.

Cleanliness is not an option, it is a necessity.

Sartorially Yours.



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