People make instant decisions about us.

Should they respect us? Trust us? Buy from us?


Due to our society’s obsession with the marketing of physical attractiveness. it’s natural for humans, whether they do it consciously or unconsciously, to make assumptions about themselves based on the clothing they wear, how well-groomed they look, their manners, their body language, and even their facial expression. As a professional style advisor, speaker and trainer, Gabriel uses experiential and tested insights to help audiences bypass this psychological bias. His aim is to help you harness the right personal presentation which will lead to positive first impressions. Gabriel is the author of 20 Ways To Create First Impressions Professionally.

Join the esteemed group of individuals and organizations that understand how making an impactful first impression can help attract and keep customers. Gabriel will …

  1. Boost the self-confidence of you/your team, projecting them as competent and conscious.
  2. Improve your team’s sales effectiveness by showing them how to look qualified to attract opportunities.
  3. Develop committed and proud professional leaders who will represent your organization at any time.

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Which Program Suits You?

The Art of Personal Presentation.

When people meet you for the first time, they are pressed to answer two questions. Can I trust you? Can I respect you?  It takes a blink of an eye, and like it or not, you are going to be judged. Your initial imprint on your customers is an important start to building a relationship with them. It will set the tone for the entire customer experience and influence their decision-making process. Gabriel will show you how you can influence the message you send to others, and make customers buy faster.

Target Audience: Sales Teams, Customer Services Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Client facing employees,  business owners…

Participants will learn how their professional appearance can attract and refine their customer’s perception about them, and shape opinions in their favor by influencing the customer’s decision-making process.

Executive Presence – How to package and stand out for the right reason.

You have heard “Don’t Judge a book by its cover”, but over the years publishing houses have long since shown that the reason that we pick books off the rack is because of their covers. The cover might not tell you exactly what’s inside the book, but they have a way of selling the book. Just like books, leaders are also in the same position. And to overcome this resistance, they use the one tool that is completely under their control; the outward appearance, which is their personal style. This program is designed to teach you how to use this “cover” to its greatest advantageThe most successful leaders make an unforgettable first impression.

Target Audience: Managers, Supervisors, Politicians, CEOs…

Participants will learn how their professional appearance will greatly influence their first impression which will command for them respect, authenticity, confidence and professionalism.

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