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3 Things You Can Do To Improve First Impressions Instantly


From my experiences and several researches I have come to learn that people make quite a lot of assumptions through  first impression.

I have outlined 3 easy ways you can improve yours instantly.

COMPLIMENT SOMEONE’S EYES when you first meet them, by doing so you’re going to force the person to look at your eyes a brief moment, but it would be enough for that person to notice you.

USE THE FIRST NAME OF THE PERSON straight away, by doing so you’re connected with more intimacy. Nothing sounds sweeter to one’s ears than their name.

LISTEN when talking to the person. Ask a question and stay silent until you have a full answer, people really can’t stand the noiseless gap and will talk much more than what they intended.

There you have it. Simple ways you can improve your first impression through effective communication.


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