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Everyone has a style but not everyone is born stylish…

As I approached the logistics table to fill in my details for an event I was attending, I quickly noticed how nonchalant and how impolite the desk officer was to the guest before me.

When it was my turn, I noticed that as I approached her and ‘smiled’, her face ‘lightened up’ and she smiled at me.

When I asked for enquiries and details, she politely answered them, (I mean who turns away a gentleman) and even when I asked for directions to the restroom, she volunteered to hold my bag.

What changed, Why was I treated better than my predecessor?

Here’s the secret,

You are sized up within the first 10 seconds of people meeting you. Everyone you meet for the first time is burdened with, and quickly have to answer these two questions.

1. Can I respect this person?
2. Can I trust this person?

The answer to this questions is drawn from your Appearance which is the link between your clothing and nonverbal communication.


This book was written as an instructive manual to help improve and develop a colossal cognizance of your appearance.

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