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How To Dress To Beat The Heat; 3 Style Tips For The Hot Weather

Is it just me or does it feel like the direct portal to the Sun was opened here in Lagos, Nigeria and someone forgot to shut it down?

I spent a large chunk of the last 7 years in Akure; the capital of Ondo state popularly known in Nigeria as the SUNSHINE state, which pretty means to some extent, I am no stranger to heat.

However, what I found challenging over those years was how to remain cool and stylish, despite the harsh weather. Menswear is, many times, predicated on suits, blazers, neckwear, leather shoes, etc. And damn that stuff is HOT.

Which begs the question how can you dress up without heating up?

Below I will share 3 simple style hacks I have used over the years to remain uber-stylish even during the hottest of seasons.

Wear light weighted and breathable clothes.



In this season, fabrics like Linen, Cotton, Synthetics (polyesters) should make up a large portion of your outfits. This is because they are very breathable by allowing air to flow freely through them and evaporate the sweat rather than sticking to the fibers.

Ditch the Jackets and wear more of Waistcoats.



It is pretty much self-explanatory. There really is no sense in a wearing a jacket to work or an event and end up arriving at the venue soaked in your own sweat. You can instead switch it with a waistcoat to still give you that elegant and dapper look.

If your job requires you wear a jacket to the office, you can take it off during transit and wear it only during work hours to reduce the rate at which you sweat. Of course, if you have your personal automobile, this shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Wear light colors.


If you don’t take anything away from the piece, take this. Make certain to wear a lot of light pieces when dressing up during this season. Dark colors absorb heat while light colors reflect a lot of heat from your body. If you choose to wear dark colors, you can wear them on your the lower torso.

So there you have it. Do you have any other style tip for the hot summer season?

Kindly share them with me in the comments.

Sartorially Yours,



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