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How to Dress To Kill



– Some say we are born with it, others say we are not.

“Well, I believe everyone has an inbred or inborn style. I’m not talking about one as a result of wealth, fashion or even beauty, but a style that is rooted in the knowledge of our true self. This knowledge when properly harnessed helps to develop a consistent personal image and the confidence to project it on daily basis”

Have you ever heard the saying- men don’t change very much as they grow older? The truth is men do change. From boyhood to fatherhood, men go through certain passages. They continually must adjust to these changes and consistently update their persona.

This website was birthed to reveal secrets which you can use to influence the way others relate to you and how the world sees you. Secrets to help you attract opportunities for wealth, peace and respect.

You have heard “Don’t Judge a book by its cover”, but over the years publishing houses have long since shown that the reason that we pick books off the rack is that of their covers. The cover might not tell you exactly what’s inside the book, but they have a way of selling the book.

Just like books, men are also in the same position. And to overcome this resistance, they use the one tool that is completely under their control; the outward appearance, which is their personal style.

This website is designed to teach you how to use this “cover” to its greatest advantage.

The apparel often proclaims a man, and a dapper debonair is never rejected. To look dapper means to be gentlemanly in appearance and to dress smart irrespective of what you are wearing.


Along with dressing appropriately for the occasion, comes the undeniable need to look current.

No one sets out not to look irresistible. Often the main problem is a lack of valuable knowledge. It’s a matter of knowing what is, and what is not accepted, or when faced with a situation and not knowing how to dress for the specific situation at hand. Knowledge is power and to an extent knowing what you don’t know is powerful as well.

Samuel Johnson in the book Boswell’s Life of Samuel Johnson said –

All knowledge is of some value. There’s nothing so minute or inconsiderable. I would rather know it than not.

The well-dressed man gets ahead in his work because he dresses like a winner and releases positive vibes as a result of feeling good. But the real reason to look presentable isn’t to impress colleagues or potential clients, I feel the real reason should be to have some self-respect. This is your life, career, business or company, you really busted your ass to be top dog and be where you are today, so take pride in being that.

Remind yourself every single day that dressing your best isn’t just a device of perception, but also a tool that affects your confidence. Dressing well every morning acknowledges that you’re preparing for something important. It reminds you to prize your dignity and never be the kind of man- who does only the bare minimum.

Come on. I dare you to be that red poppy shining brightly in an ocean of grey.

Welcome. Read. Learn. Practice.

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