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The Case of Bill B.

Bill B. is a very meticulous person in every aspect of his life. He happens to be the senior partner of a wide-ranging investment firm. After experiencing an incident a few years ago, he determined in his heart and believes most people do judge a “book” by its cover, despite what they say.

 Here’s what happened. One of his “rookies” (a salesman still in his first year on the job), came to his office very upset. The rookie said for weeks, by phone and emails, he had been selling this heavy hitter client (one who can write a check drawn on his personal account for $150,000) on a program the company was raising funds for.
The rookie said he thought he had made his first big sale. But the morning he went to pick up his check, he found his client somewhat distant and preoccupied. After only a couple of minutes, he received the dreaded news, “I have changed my mind; I have decided not to invest in your program anymore”. He stood up and showed the young salesman out.

In an effort to save the sale, Bill picked up the phone and dialed the near client’s line to see what happened. After a brief introduction, Bill asked if the client could explain his sudden change of mind.

The client replied in a comical voice- “have you ever taken a look at him and would you hand him $150,000 of your money?” Bill then took his first look at his rookie, chuckled and confessed he could exactly see what the client was talking about.

The rookie really was a mess. His eyeglasses had tape holding the frame together; his tie was food-stained; he looked rumpled and his shoes were in need of a shine. In short, he didn’t project a credible and professional image.
Bill brought a currently self-helped book into the office the next day and told the rookie “close the door to your office and not come out until you have finished this book.”
Then he showed him a commission he would have earned had the sale been closed – nearly $12,000. “This is how important the way we look is,” Bill said. “Fix yourself up.”
 Five days later, Bill and the rookie came out of the formerly reluctant client’s office with a check in the amount of $200,000.
 Hard evidence of the importance of a person’s appearance.

Think on this… and share your comments.

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