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UNIFORMS – The Psychology behind a Work Wear.

“What a strange power there is in clothing.” — Isaac Bashevis Singer

So strange that the clothes we wear have the power not only over how others behave towards us but also over how we behave.

In line with this assertion, have you ever taken time to ponder the essence of Uniforms?

A uniform policy is where the company usually provide the clothing which will help employees to feel like they’re representing the business they work for and promote business loyalty.

The simple concept that if we dress alike it makes us feel united, equal and in synchronization with ourselves.

A personal/professional uniform will:

  1. Improve Brand Awareness (think Fly Emirates Airline hostesses)
  2. Elicit a professional behavior (think of Chefs in their regalia or Bartenders in suits)
  3. Create a consistent appearance (think football teams).

In different cases, uniforms can have an incredible power of inflicting a specific message, emotion, equality or brand identity.

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