The ART of Manliness

What Everyone Needs To Know About Style

The mind of a man is his headquarters; an estate that houses his consciousness. All actions within it are coordinated by the housemaster called perception.

The human mind whether consciously or unconsciously, makes assumptions about others based on their Appearance (grooming, facial expressions and dressing).

Your Image is your Visual Business Card which contains your Appearance, Communication and your Character. The very first aspect of your Image that is immediately available to others is your Appearance. It is the premier facet of First Impressions.

I cannot overemphasize the important of First Impression- they are about attitude as well as clothes. In my opinion, we live in a dispensation where perception outranks reality. Image is used to create perception which is why it is good to note that your visual influence is very much as important as your verbal influence. What people perceive about you when they see you is undeniably very important.

It takes only 10 seconds to make a First Impression.

During First Impression, people are impressed only by 7% when you speak, 38% by how you speak (tone and eloquence) and a whopping 55% by your appearance and body language – of which your appearance incorporates your facial expression (smile), grooming (hair-cut, body fragrance, etc.) and clothes (dress sense). First impressions are very important because they are lasting impressions.

I must say that you are created with an estate to house your Image internally, dressing well is an avenue to showcase that Image externally. What your wear sends powerful signals, that’s why fine tuning your appearance can positively influence your work.

When you dress well, you look like you have your act together. Dressing well increases your internal confidence plus it creates a halo effect around you giving rise to opportunities that would never have arisen if you were poorly dressed.

It is important to remember that Fashion is general, Style on the other hand is a much more personal thing.  Fashion is aspect of you style and so always thinking royal when dressing is absolutely imperative. You must look like a king to be treated as one.

There are two sayings within my industry that I’m sure your must have heard.

“Dress for the job you want to have, not the one you currently have”.

As a leader you have to always dress the way you want to be perceived; if serious, then dress serious.”

These two sayings go hand in hand, it is a must to understand that your outfit is a projection of your personality.

Your appearance strongly influences other people’s perception about your Personality, Values, Authority, Financial Success, Trustworthiness, Intelligence, Confidence and most importantly Suitability for Hire.

When you dress well and good, you directly project three important qualities. They are Dominance (Power and Authority), Leadership and Resourcefulness. These are qualities that trigger signals of attractiveness in the mind of others, in other words, they cause people to automatically gravitate towards you.

As I end this piece, I ask:

Your outfit speaks volumes, are yours saying the right things?

The way you dress is always the way you will be addressed.

Think on these.

Sartorially Yours,


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